Instructor’s Manual For Managing A Competency-Based Approach, 11th Edition by Don Hellriegel




Managing A Competency-Based Approach, 11th Edition by Don Hellriegel (Instructor’s Manual) ISBN-13: 978-0324421408  ISBN-10: 0324421400

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Table Of Contents:

CHAPTER 1              Developing Managerial Competencies

CHAPTER 2             Learning from the History of Management Thought

CHAPTER 3             Ethics and Social Responsibility

CHAPTER 4             Assessing the Environment

CHAPTER 5             Managing Globally

CHAPTER 6             Fostering Entrepreneurship

CHAPTER 7             Formulating Plans and Strategies

CHAPTER 8             Fundamentals of Decision Making

CHAPTER 9             Using Planning and Decision Aids

CHAPTER 10            Achieving Organizational Control

CHAPTER 11            Designing Organizations

CHAPTER 12            Guiding Organizational Change and Innovation

CHAPTER 13            Managing Human Resources

CHAPTER 14            Motivating Employees

CHAPTER 15            Dynamics of Leadership

CHAPTER 16            Communicating Effectively

CHAPTER 17            Working in Teams

CHAPTER 18            Understanding Organizational Culture and Cultural Diversity


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